Full show history

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Famicase. Super Meteor, Tokyo. April 2019. g


VECTORpixel. Cool Mac, Sydney. January 2018. s


Other Worlds Zine Fair. Marrickville Town Hall, Sydney. May 2015. g
The Private Show. Taane, Osaka. April 2017. s


COLLECTEDworks Vol 2 Launch and Exhibition. Secretspace, Sydney, December 2016. c g
Paste Up. Marrickville Bowling Club. August 2016. g
Vivid Sydney - Art Industry Panel. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. June 2016. g
INFINITIES by Hyper XX. Brand X, Sydney. March 2016 link↗︎


Paste Modernism. Ambush Gallery. Sydney. November 2015. g
COLLECTEDworks Launch and Exhibition. Secretspace, Sydney, October 2015. c g
Tarantino. The Fox Hole, Sydney. July 2015. g
MCA Zine Fair. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. May 2015. g
Merkins in the Mundane. He Made She Made, Sydney. March 2014. g


A Celebration of all things Wes Anderson. Robin Hood, Sydney. December 2014.
Art Wank 2. The Tate Gallery, Sydney. October 2014. g
MCA Zine Fair. Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. May 2014. g
Pubic Art. He Made She Made, Sydney. March 2014. g
Rah Collective Book Launch and Exhibition. The Tate, Sydney, January 2014. c g


Strange Stranger. Finders Keepers, Brisbane. December 2013.
Print & Staple. The Tate Gallery, Sydney/ October 2013.
Digital Downtime. He Made She Made, Sydney. August 2013. g
Art Wank. The Tate Gallery, Sydney. June 2013. g
We're Wolves. Lo-Fi Collective, Sydney. April 2013. g
Couples Therapy. He Made She Made, Sydney, April 2013. g
Altered States. Kind Of Gallery, Sydney. March 2013.
Print and Staple 2. The Tate, Sydney, March 2013. g
Tattoos in Art. Tora Sumi, Sydney, March 2013. g
91xnmb. Lo Fi, Sydney, January 2013. c g


Random Xmas Markets. He Made/She Made, Sydney, December 2012. c g
Rah Collective Book Launch and Exhibition. The Tate, Sydney, December 2012. c g
Three Sixty Project Relaunch Exhibition. The Tate. Sydney. December 2012. c g
All About The Benjamins. Say Hello. Auckland. December 2012. g
The Devil Made Me Do It. He Made/She Made. Sydney. October 2012. g
Fuck You/I Am. Kind Of – Gallery. Sydney. October 2012. g link↗︎
Art De La Roo. Nuit Blanche. Toronto. September 2012. g
University of Newcastle Student Art Prize. Watt Space. Newcastle. August 2012. j
Sidewayz. Global Gallery. Sydney. August 2012. g
Kiss Cut. Comb Art Space. Gold Coast. July 2012. g
Tom Waits. Kind Of.-Periodical. Sydney. June 2012. g
Make the Bunny Rad. Damp Space. Sydney. March 2012. c g
Moist poster show. Damp Space. Sydney. February 2012. c g
Underway is the Only Way. Tatto Expo. Gold Coast. january 2012. g
qwux on show. Above the clouds. sydney. january 2012. s


Adopt a Gnome. Ma. Gallery/EMI Music. Sydney. December 2011 g
Board. National Galleries of Victoria Studio. Melbourne. november 2011 g
SCA Degree Show. SCA. Sydney. November 2011. g
Rah Collective showing at somedays. sydney. november 2011 g
11.11.11. rabbit and coocoon. gold coast. november 2011. g
One x One x One. Sydney/Melbourne/Gold Coast. october 2011 c g
Graduate Show. Coffs Harbour Regional Gallery. September 2011 g
rah collective book launch. ambush gallery. sydney. august 2011 c g
say hello dynamite tour. popup gallery. wellington. october 2011 g
sideways – national grid gallery – brookvale – june 2011. g
medium vinyl – hardware gallery – enmore – may 2011. g
sydney college of the arts international conference – sca galleries – rozelle – may 2011. s
book launch – monstrosity gallery – woolloomooloo – april 2011. g
animal collective nouns – gaffa gallery – sydney – april 2011. g
happy enough, qwux solo show – packspace – redfern – april 2011. s
ghetto blaster art night – q bar – darlinghurst – april 2011. c g
this little teapot – paper plane gallery – rozelle – april 2011. g
ma. @ mils – mils gallery – chippendale – march 2011. g
paper planes – papermill gallery – sydney – january 2011. g
ma. gallery in japan – design festa gallery – tokyo – january 2011. g


hello poster show – 1000£ bend gallery – melbourne – december 2010. g
stonevilla fundraiser – chrissy cotter gallery – chippendale – december 2010. g
sca degree show – sydney college of the arts – rozelle – november 2010. g
on the road – the vanguard – newtown – october 2010 c g
cmyk yourself – fraser street studios – sydney – october 2010 g
shoot in. sydney college of the arts. sydney. august 2010. c g
medium vinyl. hardware gallery. may 2010 g
this little piggy. china heights. feb 2010 g
playground weekender artist in residence. sydney. feb 2010 g


Don’t Panic. The Wall. Sydney. December 2009. g
Not Right Right Now. The Wall. Sydney. November 2009. s
This is a Book. SCA Gallery. Sydney. October 2009. g
28 Group Show. China Heights Gallery. october 2009. c g
Oh Shit A Show. Building 18a, Sydney. September 2009. c g
Kiochi 2.0. Little Fish gallery. september 2009 c g
Kiochi. Little fish gallery. august 2009 c g
something different. apw gallery. new york. july 2009 c g

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select publications:

CHEAPluxury - Volume 02 - August 2017
CHEAPluxury - Volume 01 - May 2017
COLLECTEDworks Vol 2. December 2016. p
Maiden & Viking Go To Japan And Do A Bunch Of Fun Stuff. January 2016. p
Australian Infront - Folio. October 2015. d
COLLECTEDworks Vol 1. August 2015. p
This Isn't Even My Final Form. May 2015.
6yl - Instinct. April 2013.
For Love, Not Money – Issue Four – Alex Lehours. April 2013. p
For Love, Not Money – Issue Three – Laura Strange. February 2013. p
Five Minutes With QWUX, The Brag Magazine. Interview. January 2012.
Collective Thinking, Yolk Collective. Interview and Profile. December 2012.
For Love, Not Money – Issue Two – Nico. December 2012. p
rah collective book 2012 – publisher and gallery – november 2012. p
For Love, Not Money – Issue One – QWUX. October 2012. p
one x one x one book – artist profile – september 2011.
rah collective book – publisher and artist profile – july 2011. p
semi permanent book 2011 – image feature – april 2011.
spitpress issue six – rah collective profile and gallery – march 2011.
anata gallery book – small format art book – october 2010.
left over flavours magazine – artist profile and rah collective profile – june 2010.
japan – self published phonebook – may 2010. p
spitpress issue one – hand screenprinted poster giveaway – april 2010.
happenstance magazine – image feature – november 2009.
semi permanent book two 2009 – image feature – october 2009.

(legend: g = group show, s = solo show, c = curated, j = judged, p = published, d = designed